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How to choose bow spring centralizer

2015-09-27 11:10:34

The bow-spring centralizer centralizes the casing joint while cement is pumped into the wellbore.The principle of a conventional bow-type centralizer is based on the design of the spring. The bow-type centralizer is characterized by a high restoring capability, depending on the lateral load on the centralizer. However, a high restoring force results in a high moving force.
The elasticity of the centralizer gives it a limited capability to be run through tight spots. Specially designed centralizers have been developed for the specific requirements of long horizontal sections or high-inclination extended reach wells.
Several horizontal wells have been equipped with conventional nonwelded, bow-type centralizers; however, in some applications additional drag because of the moving force of the bows cannot be accepted. A semirigid centralizer with a very flat but stiff bow was designed for long horizontal sections or extended reach wells . This type of centralizer has a nonhinged collar and bows firmly fixed to the collar by a special welding process to allow free pipe rotation. Several horizontal wells have been cemented successfully using this type of centralizer.

Summited by Holger Kinzel from Oil&Gas Journal

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