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API Testing

2015-10-05 20:35:05

All Casing Centralizers, Float Equipment and other products go through strict quality testing procedures as per the standards laid down by ISO and API.
The centralizers are tested for their optimum performance to be simulated at 2000 feet below. The starting, running and restoring forces are critical aspect to any centralizer which goes into the well. Our test lab test the Bow spring centralizers for their low starting and high restoring forces.
Similarly for solid body rigid centralizers the low co-efficient of friction, greater swirl angle as well as the alloy by which they are made are the vital criteria for testing.
The Stop collars for the centralizers are testing for their holding and sliding forces as per the American Petroleum Institute recommended practice 10D-2.
The Float equipment are tested for their pressure rating as per the API recommended practice RP10F.

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